TWILIGHT ZONE – THE EXORCIST – JAWS ( Horror Movie Themes ) – Guitar Lesson✅✅🎵

I Hi I’m bobby crispy this video is from my guitar lesson series So today, I’ll show you play some themes from horror films Jaws a Twilight Zone [and] the Exorcist Ok start off jaws. I’ll play it first. I’ll [show] this blade Okay, top string open then first rap Opener first and Faster Faster Do that number Chinese? No, it’s pretty simple Then it’s the fifth string fourth fret fourth string fifth fret and third string sixth fret Wait a theft [Forth] then third string Hold it then you play it again Quickly move it up two frets to the 6th 7th and 8th frets. You display it once And back down to the 4th fret position So that’s jaws, okay the twilight zone. Okay, so play it first Okay, bottom two strings Keep your finger on the second string 11th fret then play the first string 16th fret [at] the same time in the bottom string 17th fret sixteenth and 12 it’s not Which is just which is all over the internet. Which is the isn’t like that okay, and repeat that quite a few times and it’s Which is third string third fret second string fifth fret for a string fourth fret? And just slide that up for theme ones one fret and play it again Sorts this Do that twice which is fourth string 6 fret? seventh [six] Fifth string so fret third string a threat fourth string six seven Eight mmM do that twice? That’s the twilight zone okay, and only the exorcist. Which is pretty simple. Yes Speak to basically the same riff over and over and over again played on piano So that’s bottom it’s all the bottom string so bottom string open [chef] open [seven] open Third [Hammer-on] to the fifth open it open Ted open Seventh and runs date Okay, that’s the horror film lesson. I hope you have found it helpful and thanks for watching

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