Using Jaws with Excel Basics Intro and Lesson 1

today’s tutorial is on using jaws screen
reader with Microsoft Excel if you are a Disability Support Specialists you may
be called upon to Train blind or visually impaired students on how to use
Jaws with Excel there are a couple of common ways to start jaws which we
demonstrate in this lesson outline of instruction Lesson 1 starting Jaws and
Excel Lesson 2 creating and saving a workbook Lesson 3 navigation of
menus and worksheets Lesson 4 data entry and formatting Lesson 5
creating charts or graphs Lesson 6 formulas and ADA references Lesson 7 printing and exiting in this lesson you will learn how to save a workbook and
create additional sheets inside it use the Windows key on the keyboard then begin typing the first letter of the words Jaws press Enter
this should start Jaws [Jaws professional using jaws with Excel basics PowerPoint] press the CONTROL key to make it be quiet
then press the Windows key again [search box edit type in text E X C E L]
Excel press ENTER [opening dash Excel please wait Excel backstage view] when you get to this
screen it will be set to start a blank workbook press ENTER [enter book one] and that is how you get Jaws in Excel to work together to start a workbook you
have another way to start Jjaws in Excel and you probably would want your
students to know how to do this as well there are shortcuts here on my desktop
for both jaws in Excel if you right click on one of the shortcuts
go to properties and then find the shortcut key you can then click the
field none and then enter a keystroke I’m going to use ctrl alt and J which is
the common keystroke for the shortcut for Jaws then click apply you’ll have to
have permissions to do this I do as I am an administrator of this computer if
you’re not an administrator of the computer and you want this to be set up
you’re going to have to get someone from your IT department to help
once you finish and you have administration rights you click OK and
then you can do the same thing for Excel right click properties click on
shortcut key field press ctrl alt E or whatever you choose and then click apply
then ok

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