Using Jaws with Excel Basics Lesson 2

today’s tutorial is on using Jaws screen
reader with Microsoft Excel if you are a Disability Support Specialists you may
be called upon to Train blind or visually impaired students on how to use
jJws with Excel lesson two creating and saving a workbook let’s start up Jaws
ctrl alt J [Jaws professional] now let’s start Excel ctrl e [alt ctrl e opening Excel opening Excel ] [please wait Excel backstage view] on this screen we could either choose over here to select recent files that we worked on we could come down here to look through our folders thru other workbooks we could choose
one of these side items a calendar or maybe a tutorial to train on we can
switch our account but all we want to do is open a blank workbook so we press
enter [ENTER book 1 dash Excel, sheet 1] so when we get the software open Jaws immediately starts telling us
information about the sheet but what we want to do is we want to save it so I’m just going to come up here by pressing alt F [alt F] then that you see the letters show up for Save and Save As so I’m just going to press s for save
it [loading do, dot, dot] now I need to make
sure that my folder is in the right place to do that I would press tab [backstage view name save as group Tab pick a folder group box navigate up button] now I could change the folder from documents but I’m ok there so I’m gonna press tab
again [tab documents button to activate] and then tab again [tab enter filename here edit S A M P L E ] I’ve typed in the name for it sample workbook space W O R K] Now I’ve typed in the name for it, Sample Workbook I’m gonna press tab [save as type combo box tab Save button to activate press spacebar why 5 space] so I press the spacebar [sample workbook excel] and you see
here up here at the top it says sample workbook and it’s now saved so we have
prepared our document so that we can so we have prepared our document to that we can continue [Music plays]

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