Vampire Tooth – Adley has a Dentist Visit

– [Sean] Careful! (Screams) – Put your arms out! – [Sean] Put your head
out like Ariel! Yeah! (Laughing) – Only touching Dad! – Only touching Dad! – [Sean] Hi, those are cute toes! – [Adley] Yeah, they’re cute toes! – [Sean] Welcome to Jenny’s
best day ever! (Laughs) – Don’t make it just me! – [Sean] Where are you goin’ – To dentist – [Sean] The dentist? Why? – Cause I’m gonna get
my teeth cleaned out. – [Sean] Let me see, are they clean? – [Adley] Put on, Niko! – [Sean] Niko, put your pants on! – [Adley] Put your pants on, nobody wants to see your nakey bum! (laughing) – [Jenny] We’re close. – [Sean] That is good. He
looks like a little Marcos! Look at his overalls! (Jenny laughing) Whoa you are so cute,
Niko!’Kay let’s all get ready. – How about I feed Niko,
and you get her dressed? – I don’t need- – [Sean] She’s already
dressed, she just needs socks. – [Jenny] That looks like pajamas. – [Adley] No, Mom! That looks
like Spacestation Gaming. – [Jenny] It does! – [Sean] Yeah, those
are Spacestation Gaming. – [Jenny] Pajamas. – [Sean] Uh, babe, that’s a
competitive jersey? Not jammies. – Well she’s not wearin’
that to the dentist. Not a baby anymore! It says ‘Baby Adley’. – [Sean] ‘Baby Adley’? You’re
not a baby! You need a jersey that says ‘Big Girl Adley’. Babe, you know what we have? – No? – I don’t know, guys- – Can we show them? (Ding) – [Jenny] Did you brush your teeth? – Yeah! – [Jenny] Let’s see em!
Clean! Are you ready to go? – Yeah, I’ll hold the vlog. – Okay. We’re driving! ♪In the driveway ♪ – [Adley] Momma, I is filming my boots. (Mumbles) Today we’re going to go to the dentist. (Loud Upbeat Techno Music) – [Jenny] We’re here, Cowgirl! Hey, since when do you know
how to play video games? – [Dental Hygienist] You
watched ‘Coco’ at the dentist? – Yeah! – [Dental Hygienist] Crazy! Alright Cutie, what kind
of toothpaste do you want? Strawberry, Bubblegum, Grape, or Mint? – Mint. – [Dental Hygienist] Mint? Alright! Tickle, tickle, tickle! You are doing so good! (Loud Suction) Alright Miss Adley, can you go “Mmm?” Good Girl! Good. Good job sweetheart! – [Jenny] You were so brave! – [Dental Assistant] Good
job, did that tickle? Yeah? – Yeah! Cheese! – [Dental Assistant] So cute! – [Dental Hygienist] Which
toothbrush do you like? Do you want to point to one
and I’ll get it for you? Do you like Ariel? Okay let me grab Ariel. There you go! – [Adley And Jenny] Thank you. – [Dental Assistant] You’re welcome! (mumbles) – [Jenny] Okay, which one do you want? A bouncy ball? – I gotta choose up there. Puppies! (Machine clanking) – [Jenny] Which one did you get? – This one! – [Jenny] Cute! Are you gonna use the kids door? – Yeah. – [Jenny] Alright, I’ll see you later. – You can come in, Mom! – [Jenny] I can come too? – Yeah! – [Jenny] Okay, now hurry! – Better going to the doctor! – [Jenny] Yeah, that was
better than the doctor, huh! What if we go get a little treat? – No, I want ice cream. – Ice cream? You can’t have ice cream this early! Oh boy, here we go. – Mommy, I want go to the
ice cream topping store! – Kay, we’re goin’. Just because you did so good! – I’m to go to the topping ice cream! What the heck? – [Jenny] Are we here? – Yeah! – [Jenny] Now, you’re gonna
need that after ice cream, huh? (Thud)(Gasps) – It’s okay! Come over here, I just saw a- let’s go closer Mom! – [Jenny] Uh, okay? – We gotta get closer
and then we can see it. They still have the dragon- – [Jenny] Oh, they’re not
open yet, we’re early! We got three minutes! – Hurry Mommy, let me try! (laughing) – Guys, nobody eats ice
cream for breakfast. – [Adley] Mom! – [Jenny] They’re closed, we have to wait! – Okay. – [Jenny] Look what cup it is! It’s Light Fury! We’re just gonna chill
here for three more minutes cause we are very early. (Loud Country Music) – [Jenny] And it’s open! (Laughing) ‘Kay which one do you wanna try? – Fruit Punch! – [Jenny] Can you film? – [Adley] Green or Fruit Punch. I like it! I mix it. – [Jenny] Yeah? That’s awesome! What do you want on here? Cap’n Crunch Berries? – Uh-huh! – [Jenny] Just like her dad,
she wants cereal on here. What else? (Laughing) Nerds? – [Adley] Yeah! – [Jenny] You’re silly. Whoops. – [Adley] It’s okay. Sometimes we all spill! – [Jenny] Yeah, sometimes we do spill. Do you like em? No? So we just finished
filming, Adley’s now asleep. We did a video and there may
or may not be Bigfoot involved. Huh, Niko? Did you see Bigfoot? Did you? We have some lunch, for Niko Bear! That’ll be good! (Thud) What! How come every time you
have puffs you spill ’em! Niko! (Upbeat Techno Music) Do you ever feed a baby
without opening your mouth? It’s probably one of the
hardest things to do. (Laughing) You just ate a puff! Good job! Good job, Niko! Aw, and you’re so cute! (Niko laughing) Niko loves to stand, that’s
all he wants to do these days. So this has been, like,
a really fun toy for us. Look at you walk on your own! You’re doing so good! Keep comin’, come on! Good job! You are doing so good, huh? He is gonna be walking
in no time, I think. Crawling, he is pretty much there. So crazy, it’s hard with
these slippery floors. It’s a really long one now! (Niko mumbles) It’s really long! Come here! Come here! Good job, Niko! – I know Daddy is never gonna find me! – [Jenny] Where? – I’m gonna show you guys,
he’s never gonna find me! I’m gonna hide under there. – [Jenny] Under there? He’s gonna find you in there! – No he is not. – [Jenny] Yeah, he is! What if you hide up here in the shelves? – [Adley] I don’t wanna hide there, maybe I’ll do a different a
spot, he would never find me! – [Jenny] Where? – I hide in here? – [Jenny] That one? We could do that one, we could move all the stuff on the top. – Maybe, I fit! – This is gonna be awesome. ‘Kay do not let him find
you, you can’t make a sound. – Okay. – Let’s just see if you’d fit. She fits! Where’d Adley go, Niko? Where’d she go? ‘Kay, you can come out
now, he’s not here yet. – ‘Kay, now… (Dogs Barking) – [Adley] Dad’s here! – He’s here, get in there, quick get in. – [Jenny] Welcome home! (Niko Crying)(Dogs Barking) – Aw, doggies! – [Jenny] Oh, Niko! Let’s go get dad. (Mimicking Spy Music) Adley is hiding really really
good, you gotta find her. – She’s hiding really good? – [Jenny] Yep, Adley don’t make a sound! – [Adley] Okay! – [Jenny] Hey, no talking! – Is she under this blanket? No. The bathroom? In the closet? Adley, you’re being tricky. Hey! Where are you! – [Jenny] That would be crazy. (Sean laughing) – It’s like, babe. Hey, I’m used to Spacestation Hide n’ Seek where anything goes. Hey, this is like the best
hiding she’s ever done. (Adley yelling) (Niko crying) – [Jenny] They don’t know where she is! – Hey! Yo, that was a good spot! What! Hey, how was your day? Let me see your teeth. Those are so clean! Did you do good? Good job. – [Jenny] Babe, watch this. – [Sean] What? Whoa. – Come on, come on, come on! – [Sean] Holy cow, he’s cruisin’! – Come on! – [Sean] He’s cruisin’! (Laughing) – Good job! (Laughing) – [Adley] I just said- – [Jenny] Did you go find the- – I just tell Mom we’re
gonna pretend to fight. – [Sean] Oh, we’re gonna pretend to fight? – [Jenny] No, you’re gonna really fight. – Um, we’re gonna pretend. – [Sean] And, Jenny’s tapin’ off the wall, makin’ sure everything looks nice. Basement’s comin’ along. And me and Adley are
gonna pretend to fight. – Make sure that Mom see’s me. – Boy, are you doing the splits? – No, this is how I fight. (Laughing) – Are you gonna fight like that too, Dad? – Okay, are you ready to fight? – I want a clean fight between
the both of ya, alright? Shake hands. – Good luck. – [Jenny] Fight! (Intense Metal Music) (Screaming) – Aw, she ducked it! – I throw a Frisbee at you! (Explosion) (Laughing) (Screaming) – And the winner is Adley – I’ll get you next time,
now you have to fight Mom. – [Jenny] I don’t wanna fight her. – She’ll beat you! – We’re just gonna pretend, Mom! – Yeah, it’s just pretend, don’t be sad. Okay, give me your fighting positions! In this corner we have, A for Adley! And in this corner we have, Super Mom! Are you ready, get set,
only pretend, fight! (Metal Music) – I throw a Frisbee at you! (Explosion) (Laughing) – I’m the winner again! – We’re not finished yet! (Screaming) – [Adley] I throw a Frisbee at you! – Don’t throw the Frisbee! (Explosion) – I’m the winner! (Laughing) We’re gonna do Family Yoga! – And now you lay on our legs,
trust your instincts Adley. Family Yoga, careful. – Oh, did that hurt Mom! (Laughing) – Yay good job! (Adley giggling) – Whoo hoo! Yeah! (Laughing) – Climb up. – That’s good. – This is how we do now. – Whoa, close! Yoga Baby! Careful! (Screaming)(Laughing) – When Niko is a little bit
bigger, we can do that again and then you can hold Niko on top. – And then he’ll be on
the very top, like Simba. – And then he’ll hold Olive. (Laughing) – And then we put the dogs up there, and then we put the vlog
on top, you guys can be the top of the pyramid. – [Adley] Hey! – What? – [Adley] I’m gonna make
a tower of our bodies. – A tower of our bodies! – Let’s do it. – And you go first, you lay
on your belly like this. – ‘Kay. – And Mommy first. – We are making a tower of
bodies per Adleys request. – Only touching Dad! – Only touching Dad! (Laughing) – ‘Kay Dad we’re done making a tower. – We’re done. – Okay, good job. Go like this, and grab my arms
and then that’s Adleys seat and Adley you can sit in there. Oh my gosh. – I’m the Queen! – Queen Adley we’re
presenting to the vlog. (Laughing) – [Adley] I’ll carry the vlog. – [Sean] Okay you carry the vlog – [Adley] We still have a surprise, vlog! – [Sean] Okay, I’m gonna
go grab it, get ready. – [Adley] Let’s hide from him. – [Jenny] Wanna hide from Dad? – Yeah. – [Jenny] Okay, hurry. Get in there. – Hurry, hurry, hurry! Now you can only- (Slam) – She’s gonna be so excited. We have some friends over at
Champion and they sent me this, I had no idea it was coming
and I’m really stoked on it. Adley, come here! – [Adley] I was not hidin’! (laughing) – [Sean] You couldn’t
wait for the surprise! – Aw, what is it? – What do you think it is? – I don’t know. – You wanna open it? – [Adley] Yeah. – Go for it, wait. Haha, now you have to open it. – I can’t take this tape off. – Ha ha ha, I tricked you! Hey! – Ah! It’s on my hair! It’s on my hair. Ouch! – Oh, sorry. – Ooh, a new shirt! Spacestation Gaming! – [Jenny And Sean] Yay! – A jumpsuit? – [Sean] Kind of. – [Jenny] Yeah! – [Sean] Look at that crazy shirt. (Adley mumbles) You are the first ever, official, Spacestation Gaming Cheerleader. – Look at this! – [Jenny] It’s a very large shirt! (Laughing) – [Sean] That ones for Daddy, from Marcos. Marcos brought this to me cause
he knows I love the rodeo. – [Jenny] Oh, a skirt? – [Sean] Oh my gosh, that’s cute. What does it say? – Have the best day ever. – [Sean And Jenny] Ha ha, yep. – [Jenny] Whoa, Poms Poms! – [Sean] You know what those are for? – [Jenny] You go like this,
GO SPACESTATION GAMING – [Sean] You’re a cheerleader! – [Jenny] Woo hoo! A-S-S-G (Laughing) – [Sean] I’m pretty sure you- – S-S-G, I was gonna spell Adley. – [Sean] Those are actually
really cute, and the Poms Poms! – Dad you need to flip the vlog! – [Sean] ‘Kay. – Go Spacestation Gaming! Go Team! Go Spacey Gaming! Go Team! – [Sean] I like it. – [Jenny] You look so cute, Adley. – [Sean] Can you jump and do tricks? – Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! – [Sean] Is that what cheerleaders do? – I know what to do with this! (Laughing) – [Sean] Can they do
like, flips and stuff? – I know what to do. – [Sean And Jenny] What? – [Sean] Whoa! That’s pretty good. – Thanks for watching, bye! (Upbeat Techno Music) – [Jenny] Hey guys, we’re at
a red light, I’m not driving, look who’s flossing her teeth in the car! – [Narrator] Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water.

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