VLOG 135:雨天无人机拔牙

5 days ago What happened Youna? My daddy pulled out my tooth. It is the end of 2018 fall we had a happy halloween.
 red fallage all around we had also some great sunny days in this week but… it starts to rain today Pull off tooth is fun we did it 5 days ago but door shutting Youna and I wants to try in a high tech way remember how we did last time? “#¥&……%%……&*(……%¥%” “。。。” We did it by door shutting this time … we will use a drone DJI Mavic Pro, a drone show us your teeth is it going to drop? it is so loose get the DJI ready it is raining but fine, very little put the drone here (starting the drone) one more tool the tooth line I will make the line long enough one end to the drone “Can you tickle me mon?” “use the drone harder dad” dont worry please mon, remember to tickle me. till it is done ok? OK??? PLZ PLZ PLZ I make it this long to make a long and save distance from the drone make a circle at this end like we did last time by door shutting dont drop now… make a dead end on the tooth make sure it is the right one very loose already Ellie, your mission is to tickle her
stay with mom please haha~haha we gonna start it Ellie keep tickling her the drone will fly this way stay with mom it will start soon I can feel her heartbeat bang bang bang here. what do you think? ENNNNNN~ It is the … the 4th one, right? Think about next tooth. I wanna… try using a bike! nice idea! haha~ tickle me! arrrr tickle me! ONE~TWO~ stand still Youna. BANG! We did it! arrrr… this hurts. hurts? r u ok? hurt a little, and… dad, i said dont do it here… you were right it is so hard to find the tooth so hard to find it I hope we can find it… did you find it? did you find it? No, too hard. did you find it? Youna?

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