Waking Bob Up to His Sleep Apnea – Midway Sleep Lab

I’d be happy to see your husband.
Yes, I understand. I’d definitely be able to help him. Not a
problem. That woman I was speaking to was Sue. Her
husband snores and has trouble breathing at night.
It seems like his sleep problems and weight gain are related. Sue mentioned that he’s
put on a lot of weight and as result now he has sleep apnea and stops breathing at night.
She also mentioned that she noticed that he nods off while driving and this is completely
as a result of his sleep apnea. (Sighs) Yeah, I’m a little freaked out. I’ve
never had a problem with weight or sleep before. Yeah. I had to sleep in our spare bedroom
last night. That’s the first night we’ve spent apart in the five years we’ve been married.
Are you waking up choking or gasping? Yeah, sometimes, yeah.
Ok. Have you noticed that he stops breathing in the middle of the night?
I’ve noticed the gasping suddenly. He’ll wake me up.
Bob, you’ll definitely need to have a sleep study. And we need to get you into our sleep
lab. What is a sleep study?
A sleep study basically involves having you come in usually around 10 o’clock at night
and sleeping in our laboratory. They’re very nice rooms, very much like hotel rooms. And
what we do is we hook you up; we’re able to actually measure brainwave activity, measure
the stages of sleep, measure and see how high or how low your oxygen level is, as well see
if you’re having sleep apnea, which is essentially episodes where you stop breathing and your
airway is closed. Wow.
This is nice. This *is* nice.
Oh wow. Well this is nicer than some of the hotel
rooms we’ve stayed in. You know, I should’ve done this six months
ago. I mean who knew that just a couple of simple tests and some easy lifestyle changes
could make such a big difference in the quality of life.
Goodnight! Bye, we love you!
We’re not here just to treat symptoms; We’re here to help people live. Bob and Sue realized
that Bob’s sleep and weight issues were causing him problems and affecting them as a couple.
They knew they needed to work together to make changes. And with Dr. Avi’s help, they
know that they can be successful.

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