We Went To The Butt Disco

( music playing )( music playing )With every year
that passes our booties sag
a little bit more. But luckily for us, there’s an exercise class
called Butt Stuff. – So we’re gonna do that.
– Stevie:Of course,Rhett and Link had no clue
what they were in for.
( music playing )Hey! Hey. – ( distorted ) Hi!
– Hey, we’re here
for Butt Stuff.It was at this point
that Rhett and Link realized
they have no clue
what they were in for.
– ( distortion continues )
I’m HyperBody.
– HyperBody is your name? – That’s my name.
Don’t wear it out.
– I peed a little bit already. – Oh, you did? That’s great.
– Mm-hmm. It’s good to be
a little nervous. The workouts gonna be
a little intense. – What are your names?
– Rhetterbody. – That’s great. Ooh, yeah!
– Linkerbody. Now, we wanted to do a little
before and after. Just to see
what kind of progress
we make throughout the class. So I brought a quarter. I wanna bounce it off
of Link’s butt. Maybe you should lay down
on the floor for this? – On the cheek. Here we go.
– Pinch ’em real hard. Come on. – Give it all you got.
– I think it went in your taint. – I don’t know
if it’s coming back.
It was never seen again.All right,
let me see what I got. – Clench it!
– I’m really clenching it. Right in the crack again. Everyone’s favorite slot. Oh! Oh, gosh! Find anything back there? So just remember
Butt Stuff is a safe place where the back door
is always open. – Is that right?
– So let’s get started.♪ Aruba, karate,
Don’t forget your body ♪
♪ Aruba, karate ♪♪ Don’t forget your body ♪♪ Aruba, karate,
Don’t forget your body ♪
( music playing )♪ Break those legs,
Break those legs ♪
♪ Don’t forget your body ♪Oh, my goodness! My wife’s gonna kill me
for being in this position. HyperBody:
Yeah! – That was great! Thank you.
– All right! – That was excellent!
– Not too bad. – Thanks for–
– Yeah, yeah. – Thanks for having us.
– It’s been really cool. Oh, no, no.
We’re just halfway through. – It’s gonna get
more difficult?
– Just a little. Next up,
we have a little competition. It’s called
the butt walk race.It was at this point
that Rhett and Link
realized that earlier
when they thought they’d
realized what they were in for,
they actually had not fully
realized what they were in for.
One cheek at a time.
So, cheek, heel, cheek, heel. Making a little rowing motion. That’s how my dog
washes the floor. Well, you dog probably
does it like this. – Yep.
– And that’s cheating,
all right? That’s actually your dog
expressing his anal gland. Gentlemen, start your engines! – ( imitating engines )
– Get set! Go! Come on! ( grunting ) Let’s go! Yay! Our new champion! – Good job!
– Whoo! That’s good.
Get it! Get it! Come on! Just do the work,
little man! Yeah! You did it! All right! All right, you guys ready
to b-b-b-butt, butt,
bubble your butt?They certainly were not.Extend that right leg,
and we’re just gonna pulse. We’re gonna up and over
with the opposite leg. Seven, six. We’re gonna do butt
pulses for 20. Oh, yeah? – Oh.
– HyperBody: Yeah! Extend that leg,
bring it around. Yeah! Hey, check this out! Oh, nice!
Some partner stuff. I think you guys have done
butt stuff before. Butt buddies! So this is
our grand finale, all right? We’re gonna burn it out. Do I go over the top or go– Some sort of torture device? We’re gonna open up
for business. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Three, two, buns! You just bubbled your butt
with HyperBody.It was at this point
that Rhett and Link realized
they no longer had the ability
to realize anything.
Their butts hurt too much.You’ve outdone yourself. – Perk it up.
– It is! Three, two, one, bust up! – Did it bounce?
– Whoa! Look at that! You got a lot of distance
on that one. – Three, two–
– HyperBody: Ooh. You both gotta
come back to class.
I’m sorry. Maybe you need a little
personal training also. I’ll give you my card. – Bye!
And with nothing more
to realize, they left,
– Link: Oh, my goodness!
knowing neither theynor their butts would ever
be the same again.
Link:Now click through to see
us try and guess the unhappy,
disturbing endings
of classic fairytale stories.
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on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.

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