What are Curved Jaw Couplings?

– [Announcer] The curved jaw coupling is a motion-controlled coupling
consisting of two aluminum hubs and an elastomeric element
called “the spider.” The jaw coupling spider is available with different levels of stiffness to allow the user to tailor
the coupling’s performance to their application. A hard spider provides the
greatest torsional stiffness and strength, while a soft spider provides the greatest dampening capability. Curved jaw couplings are well suited to several applications where accuracy of torque transmission is required. The curved jaw hubs are
press fit into the spider to allow the coupling to
operate with zero backlash. The curved jaw profile
helps to reduce deformation of the spider and limits the effect of centrifugal forces during
high-speed operations. Jaw couplings are not well suited for parallel misalignment or axial motion because of the compressed
fit of the spider. To ensure full angular
misalignment capabilities, raised contact points were
added to the spider limbs to maintain proper spacing between the coupling hubs and spider. Jaw couplings are highly customizable due to their three-piece design. Inch and metric hubs either set screw, clamp style, keyed, or keyless are interchangeable and can be combined into a single coupling as long as they have the same outside diameter.

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