What Causes Tooth Decay? It is just not Candy.

Hey everybody Welcome back to my channel. And if you’re new, my name is Nneka and Today we’re gonna be talking about What causes cavities and it’s just not candy Remember a while back when I told you guys that the plaque on our teeth consist of food byproducts and Bacteria, well, the certain foods like carbs for example cookies chips white rice White bread, I think you guys get the point These carbs break down into sugars Well there are certain bacterias called streptococcus mutans These bacterias like to eat on sugars and they produce an acid This acid once it sits on our teeth It tends to soften up our teeth and cause our teeth to demineralize when our mouth can’t Remineralize our teeth fast enough. It results in cavities Since acid results in cavities, you gotta be careful what you consume like fruit juices Energy drinks sweet tea just to name a few and I even hate to say this even fruits can cause Cavities because they have acid in sugars, but it does have a higher water Dilution to it. So that is better to eat amongst other stuff but when you eat fruits you want to make sure they’re fresh fruits and You want to eat them in one setting? Well, thank you guys for listening as always and if you like what you hear, please subscribe Thank you, and bye I’m gonna finish my Oreo

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