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there are two main types of sleep studies: there’s
overnight some of these four-week have you
watched through the course of the night to see what you
do during your sleep measure your brain wave activity your
heart rhythms your oxygen leg movements and uh… the second type of study is very
similar but if you are found to have a sleep disorder the second type of sleep study is used to treat that disorder monitor you
during the night to verify your treatment works and what
specific treatment you should have typically once your parked you’ll enter into the
uh… the glass doors you’ll check in with reception thet’ll take you up to the sleep lab. have you fill out some forms prior to your study get you comfortable maybe have you watch
tv a little bit while they’re hooking up some of the different electrodes once it the time approaches toward your
bedtime they’ll turn out the lights and let you fall asleep next thing you know typically it’ll be morning if you do you need something to the
course of the night most of the beds will have a a button if you need water, there’s
the bathroom or something similar that someone can help you through the night
so a lot of time minimized and spent trying to get the Summa Sleep Labs to be
the most comfortable experience we can for the patient uh… the rooms themselves are
fairly modern Typically will describe them as three to four
star hotel they have queen size beds flat screen televisions private bathrooms or at least adjoining
bathrooms we’ve renovated the labs themselves and
also updated the software now to the lastest state of the art that we can to try and optimize the experience
for the patient but the advantage of Summa Sleep Labs is
the longitudinal care and follow up which we can offer that may or may not be
available in all areas of the region try to be hands on with
the patient answer any questions and see them going into the future for many years to
help them with their sleep disorder you think you have a sleep disorder and
wish to see a Summa sleep specialist please call or visit us on the web our labs are located in Portage, Medina, and some other counties

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