What happens when my child has a CT scan?

Today I’m meeting Linda to find out about having a CT scan for the What? Why? Children in Hospital charity. That’s great that your making a film to show other children what it’s like to have a CT scan. First thing we would do, we would stand you against the giraffe and see how tall you are and then after that we will see how much you weigh on the scales. And then just before we get you into the room you can pick a lead coat for mum or dad because they can come into the room and stand beside you. Which coat would you pick? I think I would pick that one. That’s a great choice, the fireworks one, that’s a very popular one. Do you know why mum or dad has to wear a lead coat? No. Well, we don’t want them in the picture and this very, very heavy coat stops the X-rays from getting to mum or dad while they’re standing beside you when you’re having your scan done. What is a CT scan? A CT scan is a very, very quick and easy scan that we can see inside your body, nothing hurts you, nothing touches you, all you have to do is lie still as a statue on the table, while the table and the computer does all the work, the hardest thing that you’ve got to do is keep still as a statue. So for your CT scan we’ve got three pictures to do, the first two pictures just find you in the machine, and the third picture is when it’s very important for you to keep very still and that’s when we see the really detailed pictures for the doctors, to see what’s going on inside your body. Do you want to go in and look at the CT scan to see what it looks like? Yes. First thing we’re going to do is we’re going to lie you up on the table and then I’ll bring the table up to the right height because we need to get you into the right height before we get you into the scanner. The camera is in the middle of the scanner so the only way we can get you in there is by moving the table into the middle of the camera. So we’re just going to do that now. So that’s us ready to go to get your scan done, so I just need to go and get the computer ready and the most important bit you have to do is keep very, very still. So the table is going to start sliding out three times and on that third time, that’s the really important time to keep very, very still. And when it’s all finished we’ll slide you out the scanner, bring the table down and that’s you free to go home. Thank you for showing me around the CT. I look forward to seeing the film.

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