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  • I have stopped smoking cigarettes but I am still having the dry mouth, we'll isn't that dry, I can produce saliva, but I don't know why, I feel like a burnt mouth what is going on?

  • I don't think I got dry mouth

  • Do you know know what toothpaste that Dosent have "sope " in it

  • I get dry mouth if I drink water. Every other type of drinkable liquid is fine and doesn't cause me any issues, just water. Even diluted fruit juice (which with own personal mix ratio is about 95% water) doesn't give me dry mouth. What gives?

  • I was able to eradicate my bad breath when I followed bad breath treatment method “Sοkοnhο Kotα” (Google it). I can now speak closely to people with self confidence mainly because my mouth is no longer bringing out any kind of smell! .

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