What is TMJ? Clenching/ Grinding/Clicking/ Popping

So today, I want to talk [about] what is TMJ? This is Dr.. Tamisha Denis and this is the Modern smile Every time I have a patient that says doc Do I have TMJ. I always tell them TMJ is like saying I have a knee or I have an elbow or I have a shoulder TMJ stands for the temporal Mandibular Joint What is that supposed to mean say that three times fast? Temporal Mandibular Joint and So TMJ really is the connection of a couple muscles and joints And I won’t get into a screw shading detail, but let’s get really close I like to use myself as a model, so if you see right here There’s a joint or a hinge that hinge your lower jaw right up until there’s a little socket in your skull right here and In order to eat to talk to chew gum That joint has to go up and down now that joint has a couple of muscles There’s like a master muscle like I said, I won’t go into a lot of detail. There’s a huge muscle That kind of goes around your head is called a temporal modes muscle And it kind of hooks down onto your jaw and on that job that you that joint and that allows your job to move Just like your knee that joint also has a little disk interesting interesting interesting and That disc can get worn down now in a minute. We’re going to start talking about What [are] the symptoms of TMJ so when we say TMJ what we really meant say is TMJ? D temporal mandibular joint disorder yeah, yeah, yeah again, yes right again, yeah Now what [that] means is that you have a problem with your TMJ Make me believe it. Yeah, yes, yeah most problems with the TMJ arise from Something we call in dentistry Bruxism and Bruxism means that somehow daytime nighttime You are clenching or grinding your teeth to create a unnatural situation That makes your joint hurt So clenching and grinding is one of two things clenching means, you’re literally And you’re working your teeth together grinding means that you’re rubbing your teeth together and Together we call them bruxism because naturally it is not normal for you to put your teeth together like this or Constantly keep your teeth in a clenched situation I Find that most of my patients who have grind their teeth over the many years They’ll have very road worn down teeth. So you’ll see over time their teeth are getting shorter and shorter and shorter When two more people clinch or grind their teeth is while they are sleeping So I would say about eighty percent of the population clenches or grind their teeth at night at some period of time That doesn’t mean [that] you’re doing it every single night But most people and there’s a lot of different reasons that you might do it Number one you might not just have gotten a good night’s sleep that night, so when you go to bed. You’re doing one of these maybe you’re having a bad dream and You don’t mean maybe you’re stressed like the whole world distress if you’re an American Riley I do not like this new attitude. Oh, I’ll show you attitude. Oh, no. No no bad So there’s a lot of different reasons On restful sleep not having the dream being stressed or just having the habit of kind of keeping your jaw clenched together I’m kind of robbing it together or kind of just staying in the strange mode By the way, I just checked out your instagram of that mafalda you posted. Hash pipe like So so far we’ve learned temporomandibular Joint disorder And that’s just the unnatural putting together or the strain and pain that comes from putting your teeth in an unnatural way together The second thing that we’ve also learned is you can do that through bruxism you’re either clenching your teeth or you’re grinding your teeth? Dr.. [Tamesha] Dennis, and this is the Modern smile make sure you like and make sure you subscribe you

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  • Thanks for the information my beautiful friend!

  • I was told by a doctor that TMJ pain will go away in 48 hours. That was 8 years ago. Mouthguard has helped a bit. If food/drink hurts you, move your jaw faster and it will ease the pain faster (has been my experience).BTW, while I love the information you convey, that last video clip really hurt my ear (deaf in other). I understand you said you would improve your video skills. I hope so….ouch! Still, good info. Have a good day!

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