What is tooth cap or crown? कैप या क्राउन क्या है? Why cap required after RCT??

Generally in this video we’ll talk about what is the tooth capping? what is the tooth crown? mainly we’ll talk about why it’s necessary to have tooth cap after RCT? generally we thought , why we have to spend money on capping after RCT? so today we’ll talk about it only, hello friends I’m Dr. Harishankar Soni and you are watching ”Easy Dentistry” before starting please SUBSCRIBE the channel for such videos also press the bell-icon so that you get notifications now you can follow our page easy_dentistry on Facebook and Instagram let’s start.. It is a very common question that why tooth capping required after RCT ? mostly patient says that RCT is done, now we have no pain so what is the need of capping ? why it placed ? so we’ll talk about it, first let me tell you what is the capping or tooth crown? so as you can understand by term cap that is something which covers the tooth a prosthesis is here to cover your tooth structure we called it tooth capping or tooth crown for this , tooth preparation is required first you can see in the photograph your tooth have to prepare for the crown first cap is the same as your tooth it seen same as your natural tooth size is also same as your natural tooth that’s by first we prepare your tooth then cap placed over the prepared tooth, it is a fixed treatment and capping treatment is not only done after the RCT more conditions are there in which tooth capping is required suppose if your tooth is broken or defective if there is gap between your front teeth gap between posterior teeth, food lodgement is there or if any tooth is missing in your mouth and you want to replace it if you want fixed treatment for this for that capping is required many more conditions are there but we are talking about here after rct why capping is required so generally I told you what is the capping or crown?? will make a video in this , in that we’ll tell you about the different caps also I’ll tell you the cost of every cap in that video different types of caps are available from low to high range all I’ll tell you later let’s talk , why its is required after rct ? so as I told you before that one question is very common that, we had pain we taken rct treatment after rct we have no pain , we don’t feel any pain now why we have to put cap on that? what is the need to be cover it? may be this is also on your mind , so we are talking about this only.. if you want to understand about root canal treatment already made a video on it what is the procedure of the RCT? you can watch that video from the link given in the description or above this video a i-button/suggestion will flash you can click it to understand RCT then you can continue this video.. so in the procedure of RCT , infected canals of your tooth are removed which causes the pain, will removed it or which are the canals of tooth it has nerves, it provides nutrition to the tooth but it went infected, we feel pain because of it that’s by ,Instead of having the tooth removed, we clean canals.. which we called root canal treatment so after the root canal procedure, our tooth became non-vital before your tooth was vital it got nutrition, now it is non-vital if we make it more simple so.. your tooth was alive but now its dead inside.. Because it has no nutrition means all his cells/nerves have been removed. it is not getting any kind of nutrition but its better to clean the canal instead of removing the tooth that’s by we prefer root canal treatment to save our natural tooth The thing to understand here is that after root canal treatment our teeth became non-vital later it becomes brittle or fragile if you eat something hard by that tooth it’ll break if you want root canal treatment it means you want to save your natural tooth it means you want to use it like before It does not need to be removed for that capping is must required you have to do capping over it It’ll covers your tooth, protects your tooth now any pressure will come over the tooth now cap will wear that pressure your tooth which is saved by RCT have no pressure now so you can use it for the long term you can use the natural tooth for long time that’s by capping is required The root canal treatment is considered complete only when you get cap on it. that’s all for this video if it was helpful to you please LIKE the video SHARE it with your friends and in which treatment you want to see more videos write that in the comment section so we’ll make e video on that soon don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE before going will meet on next video soon, Thank you friends

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