What Our Dreams Mean: Part 2

What Our Dreams Mean: Part 2 Hello again, dreamers! In our previous video, “What Do Your Dreams
Mean?” we took a look at some of the most common dreams people are likely to experience,
such as dreams about falling, being chased, or being in school, as well as the possible
meanings behind these kinds of dreams. If you haven’t watched that one yet, please
give it a look; we promise it won’t be a “snore”. However, dream analysis is a pretty deep subject,
and the writing team at Bestie feels as though they’ve only scratched the surface when
it comes to understanding our dreams. So today, they’re going to revisit the topic
of dreaming, and explore even more commonly shared dreams and their possible interpretations. One thing you should never sleep on is Bestie’s
daily content, so click subscribe and ring the notification bell to stay in the loop. As we said before, while our previous video
tackled three of the most common types of recurring dreams, there are many other ways
in which the mind can potentially be sending you coded messages as you drift off to sleep. We’ve already covered school dreams. Falling dreams and dreams about being chased;
here are some more common dream themes and what they could mean in relation to your waking
life. Being Naked In Public What’s this? Looks like you’re in the middle of an important
business meeting, and your boss just called you up to the front to make an important announcement. You stand up and make your way to the front,
but something feels off, almost as though you’re forgetting something…you suddenly
look down; Uh oh! What happened to your clothes? Now you’re standing at the front of the
room naked as the day you were born, while everyone else at the meeting points and laughs. If you’ve ever had a dream similar to this
scenario, you’re not alone. People who are under a lot of stress in their
waking lives may sometimes experience dreams in which they’re naked in a public setting,
or otherwise have something happen to them in public that draws a lot of unwanted and
unflattering attention. But last we checked, it’s a pretty rare
occurrence in real life for someone to forget their pants when heading out to work in the
morning, so what’s the deal? Why are we so prone to dreaming about such
an outlandish scenario? According to therapist Dr. Kevin Gilliland,
a dream about being caught walking around au naturel can be the result of feelings of
stress carried over from your everyday life in the real world. Gilliand writes that this type of dream “rings
of feelings and fears of vulnerability, shame, and disappointing people. It’s this fear that we will forget something
and be exposed”. In other words, having this kind of dream
on a frequent basis could imply that you’re currently worried about how people perceive
you. You live in fear of slipping up or doing something
that causes someone else to notice a crack in your armour, thus “exposing” you to
the outside world. I guess you could say that what you’re really
afraid of is showing everyone the “naked” truth. Teeth Falling Out This next type of dream is also very common,
and maybe a little gross: Do you ever have dreams about losing teeth, or dreams in which
your teeth keep falling out for seemingly no reason? According to one study, nearly 40 percent
of the population has reported having dreams related to teeth. Researchers Naama Rozen and Nirit Soffer-Dudek
set out to investigate why is it that so many people are prone to these toothless dreams,
hoping to find some answers that they could really sink their teeth into. The researchers came up with two possible
answers: the first hypothesis was that people may be grinding their teeth as they sleep,
and the sensation translates into their dreams as the feeling of teeth falling out. Their second theory was that these teeth dreams
were more metaphorical in nature, representing some kind of psychological factor which is
causing the dreamer to experience distress which manifests as this type of dream. However, while the study was able to find
some potential links between these dreams and dental distress in the real world, correlation
does not necessarily equal causation, and as such, this research is still fairly inconclusive. Dreams About Flying If these last two dream topics seemed like
a bit of a downer, how about we raise your spirits with something a little more “uplifting”. Assuming you’re not too scared of heights,
dreams about soaring freely through the sky can be an exhilarating experience. But what kind of trigger causes a dream like
this to occur? Psychotherapist and author Jeffrey Sumber
might have some answers. This is unrelated, but did anyone notice that
“Sumber” kind of sounds like “Slumber”? Maybe it’s a sign…. According to Sumber, while the meanings behind
a dream about flying can depend on a number of internal and external factors, flying most
commonly represents an innate desire for personal freedom. In these sorts of dreams, the “ground”
represents the daily stress and pressure imposed on us by the real world; by taking to the
skies in our dreams, we briefly escape from these obligations and are given all the space
we need to spread our metaphorical wings. As Sumber explains: “These dreams can be purely informational
in the sense that they highlight an experience we are having, but have not yet been conscious
of.” Interestingly, while dreams about flying are
universally common, it would appear that that occur most commonly in the dreams of adult
men. This might be because of issues related to
specific social and pressures which urge men towards peak performance and perfectionism,
though these can also be universal feelings as well. As you can see from this and our previous
video, it would appear that dreams can come in a variety of sizes, shapes and varieties. While some might dismiss their dreams as nonsense,
psychological studies have found out a significant amount of research into finding the possible
meanings and reasons for why we dream what we dream. If you find yourself experiencing unwanted
or unwelcome recurring dreams, there are a few things you can do in the real world to
prevent them, such as staying healthy through a proper diet and exercise, establishing a
healthy sleep schedule, and keeping a dream journal to better acknowledge and categorize
your dreams. As Dr. Gilliland writes: “Dreams are just another source of data. Look back at the week and reassess. It’s just your mind chewing on things that
happened during the day. That’s all it is, and there’s no reason to
be afraid.” Did you enjoy this video? Is this a topic you’d like us to revisit
again in the future? Maybe you just had the weirdest dream a few
nights ago that you’ve been dying to share. Whatever the case, leave a comment in the
comments section below and help us keep the conversation going! Also, feel free to share this video with anyone
you think might enjoy it. Thanks for watching, and sweet dreams!

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