What To Expect During Your Visit | San Antonio Sleep Apnea Solutions

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Dr. Richard Drake from
Dr. Drake’s Sleep Solutions. And I am a dentist. And the only thing that
we do at my office here, and we have done for
the past 20 years, is make dental sleep devices to
treat snoring and sleep apnea. So whether or not
you’ve had a sleep study and been diagnosed
with sleep apnea, a dental device is an
easy, affordable way to customize your treatment
and help keep your airway open. When we get you here, we look
at your teeth and your bite and how things come together. And we do an examination. We’ll also look
at your insurance, and we’ll figure out if
we’re in network or not. We’re in network with most
major medical providers. And we’ll see what we can
do to help you snore less and sleep better. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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