Why choose CPAP Direct?

Hi, my name is Bryce Perron. I’m the
Managing Director of CPAP Direct. I actually have sleep apnea and I know
first-hand what it’s like to sleep with a CPAP machine, a mask on my
face and a tube in my bed. But I also know how life changing it
can be as well because I was the sort of person that would be dragging myself
around all the time, always tired, always snoring, always cranky. When my wife and I bought CPAP Direct
in 2014 we bought the company that had fantastic pricing and great buying
power with all the biggest brands. But you know what? It’s so much more than that and there’s
a lot of people that just give up on CPAP therapy because they
don’t have the right support. My vision and my passion for the
company when we bought it was to really transform this to be
completely patient focused. We want to make sure that everybody
gets the most out of their CPAP therapy. When they’re on CPAP therapy
there’s so many different machines, so many different masks, so
many different faces out there. That’s why I believe it’s really important
to get the right support when we do this. One of the X-Factors that we have
with our organisation is our staff. If any of you have been into
any of our CPAP Direct clinics, you’ll understand that the person you’re
dealing with is a unique individual. They are the best at what they
do, they’ve been handpicked, they’ve been trained and they’ve
all got experience. And like me, they’ve used every machine and every
mask that we sell so they’re the best people to really advise and guide you
on the journey of finding the right combination of gear to
support your CPAP therapy. Another distinguishing factor of dealing
with CPAP Direct is that we allow you to rent not only the machine but also
the mask to make sure that you get the right combination of gear for your body. We will take the rental costs off the
already discounted package price of the device and we will be
anyone’s price guaranteed. The other thing that’s really
important is the after sale service. Most devices these days are connected
to the internet all the time. They either have in-built modems and SIM
cards or some form of remote management tool; this allows our clinicians
to keep an eye on our patients. We can ensure that if there
is an issue with your therapy, we’ll know about it before
you will. In this case, we can also pull reports remotely, we can adjust settings to make sure that
the device is running as efficiently and as comfortably for you as possible, and we can make sure that
we’ve always got your back. Most of us spend a third
of our life in our bed, that means we spend more time on our
CPAP machine than we do in our car. Sleep apnea is serious, and if you feel that you can get
some benefit from our service, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us on our website or
give one of the clinics to call for an obligation free chat on how we can
help you move forward.

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