Wisconsin Sleep: Adult Sleep Study

>>[Background Music] This is our sleep room. This is the room that you’ll
have to yourself all night long. You have your own private bathroom. We would step over to the computer and bring
in your vitals that we have already checked as you walk down the hall into your room. And we would also do a brief questionnaire
and verify the medications that you’re taking. And then at that point, I would explain
to you as far as what’s going to happen, the monitors that are going to be used. We’re going to have some
electrodes applied to your ahead. Those monitor the brain activities so
we know whether you’re awake or asleep. The rest of the electrodes are
sensors placed around the face that monitor eye movements, et cetera. There are a couple of belts. One goes around your chest and your abdomen. These move with you while you’re sleeping. And then there’s a device that’s placed on the
neck that monitors your snoring if you snore. There’s a couple of electrodes
that go on the legs that will tell us whether or
not you have leg movements. Then we’re monitoring your
heart and your diaphragm. The diaphragm is for the
breathing effort as well. The finger probe that goes on the finger to
monitor your oxygen level while you’re sleeping.

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