Wisdom Teeth Removal in Mandeville LA: Ceci | Northlake Oral & Facial Surgery

Hi, I’m Ceci, I live in Mandeville, and I
came to Northlake Oral Surgery to get my wisdom teeth taken out. Dr. Brown is amazing. Dr. Brown assured me that he does wisdom teeth
all the time, and he said that it was a very simple surgery and that he wasn’t worried
about it so I knew I shouldn’t be because I trust Dr. Brown. The team here is super friendly, and I feel
like they’re my family. Overall, getting my wisdom teeth out was better
than I was expecting, an dI feel amazing, and I’m glad that I came to get my wisdom
teeth out here. I would tell my friends in Mandeville to get
their wisdom teeth out from Dr. Brown at Northlake Oral Surgery.

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