Wisdom Tooth Extraction & Cyst Removal in Aliso Viejo CA: Ashley | OC Oral Surgery

My name is Ashley, and I’m from South Orange
County, CA. I came to Dr. Ahn because I needed four wisdom teeth removed and my cyst in my
left jaw removed. It was very painful at first; the pain came on very quickly. I was in Dr.
Ahn’s office two days from the onset of the pain and 2-3 days from that, I had surgery.
The great thing about Dr. Ahn and his team was that they were very informative, they
were very nice, they were very transparent in everything that was going on and that needed
to be done, and we got everything taken care of and out pretty quickly, right away. If
you are located anywhere in Orange County, I would highly recommend checking out Dr.
Ahn’s office because he will take care of everything that you need and keep you informed
and comfortable throughout the whole process. So if you are living in Irvine, Mission Viejo,
Dana Point, I highly recommend going to Dr. Ahn’s office not just because he’s an
oral surgeon but because he’s a medical doctor, and he will surely take care of everything
that you need.

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