Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Aliso Viejo CA: Howard | OC Oral Surgery

My name is Howard, and I’m from Aliso Viejo,
CA. I came to see Dr. Ahn because I had a big lump on my face and I didn’t know what
it was. The reason that my face was swollen was because I had some impacted wisdom teeth.
I didn’t know what exactly to expect, considering I was already feeling a lot of pain. The staff
was very calming. Dr. Ahn, he was the man – very knowledgeable, very understanding
of what I was going through. The recovery was great; actually there was no pain. I definitely
would recommend Dr. Ahn to anyone who would be nervous about getting their wisdom teeth
pulled. Don’t worry about it; it’s literally a walk in the park, especially at this office

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