Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Aliso Viejo CA: Jaisen | OC Oral Surgery

My name’s Jaisen; I’m from Dana Point, CA.
I came to Dr. Ahn because I had two wisdom teeth that were really hurting. Before this,
I hadn’t been to a dentist in quite a while, so it was something that I was very scared
and very terrified of. The staff here was great. They were really calming. They were
really understanding of my situation, of how terrified I was from the actual dentist and
especially for oral surgery. Dr. Ahn was great; he was really professional. He was really–just
as the staff was, he was really understanding of my situation, and every time I would tell
him, “This hurts,” or just explain to him how I was feeling, he took that into consideration
and made sure that I was as comfortable as possible. Being actually pretty much a local
here in southern Orange County, I have friends in Mission Viejo, Dana Point, San Clemente,
Aliso Viejo, and I would definitely recommend all of them to come down to Dr. Ahn’s office
for any extractions that they need.

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