Wisdom Tooth Removed by Dentist | Odontectomy | Oral Surgery in Iloilo

Okay Paps… Okay. Just finished with my Odontectomy procedure. It’s still a bit numb. Hey! What’s up Paps!
[laughs] [amused by the fact that he’s vlogging his tooth extraction] I have an update for you guys. I have been dealing with severe tooth pain and it has been more than a week. It’s caused by an impacted wisdom tooth. So… it hurts so bad. So bad that it makes me cry every night. So now, I have an appointment with my dentist for my On… what is it again? … Ondo…
Jill: Odontectomy.
ID: Ondotectomy It’s a minor surgery of mouth to remove an impacted wisdom tooth. An impacted tooth is a tooth that grows out of position. Instead of growing straight upwards, it grew horizontally. And it presses against the tooth beside it causing a lot of pain. It’s so painful especially at night. I cannot help but cry and pray to all the saints I know… Wow really? You prayed huh? I’m not really prayerful but the pain… made me pray to the saints — St. Anna, St. Maria, St. Isabel… etc But now I’m happy that I am now scheduled for operation. The tooth is going to be extracted later but it is not going to be an ordinary tooth extraction. There will be incision on my gums and wisdom tooth will be pulled out from the bone. But after this, I will no longer dread the terrible pain at night. Every night for me was hell. Ok. We are going now. Good luck to me.
Jill: Who will drive?
ID: Me, of course. Okay. Ahmm… Paps, my plan is to show you guys what happens before and after Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgery. Like I said awhile ago, this won’t be a straightforward extraction. But an oral surgery where the gum is incised and tooth is broken and extracted from the bone. Yep it’s different but it is still a minor surgery and not that gravely serious. Right now, I am feeling okay. Not really nervous. Just a bit anxious. Later when we get to the clinic, I’ll continue with the vlog. Okay… we are here! We are now at the clinic so… … this is it. This is the way up to he clinic. We are just waiting for the dentist. So, we’ll just sit here for awhile… … and watch TV. The procedure will be quick actually … around 30 minutes to an hour. and since the dentist is till not here, I’ll enjoy watching District 9 It’s actually hurting right now. Okay, the dentist just arrived. I’m just waiting for him to call me in. … and we’ll be starting the procedure. Okay Paps… Okay, my odontectomy procedure just wrapped up. it’s still a bit numb but the pain is gradually getting back. Because the anaes… [mumbles] anaesthesia is wearing off. I had stitches here [gums and mouth] So it kinda hurts, right here… on this part of the face. it’s like numb but with a dull kinda pain. But overall, the experience was not too painful. There’s this one quick moment of sharp pain, but that was it. Through the whole procedure, the dentist had a bit of difficulty pulling out the tooth but he managed to do it without hurting me. The only thing I am dreading is later, when the anaesthesia completely wears off and I will feel pain again. Jill: Is the prescription with you? ID: Yep, it’s here. So, I was precribed antibiotics and painkillers. uhh… celecoxib. So hopefully, I won’t be feeling terrible later so I can chill… I should not be eating anything hot…
Jill: … for 2 hours. ID: Yeah, 2 hours. I’ll put an icepack here. And we will be buying Ice Cream! … haha.. Ice Cream! I think I am drooling. I cannot really speak well, I might drool on cam. It will be embarrassing. But guys, regardless… I am okay. So… I want to thank Dr. Palma (the dentist)
Jill: Palma?! I thought it’s Pama. Jill: Palma or Pama?
ID: Palma! Jill: Oh my mistake. Lily, please edit my post. Lily: I can’t. I don’t have your phone. Okay, Dr. Palma and Qualident. Very good dentist. Very good oral surgeon. I highly recommend him. So if you will have problems, like I did — wisdom tooth impaction… Go to him. He’s good!
Jill: I really thought it’s Pama. Lily: Daddy, what I meant by drugged… is anaesthesia! Yes. but I only have local anaesthesia. I did not have general anaesthesia like the ones you saw in YouTube, like they’re drunk. That’s not me. Okay… we’ll buy ice cream. Woohoo! Edith: He pulled it all out?
ID: Yep. Edith: Stitches?
ID: Yep, of course. Okay, just an update Paps. It’s already 2 hours after my Odontectomy. … my face is still numb. It’s still because of the anaesthesia that is subsiding… ahm… there’s a bit of tenderness and swelling and just very little pain. I can feel it here on my face, nose, and chin. It’s fairly okay. My problem is what amI going to eat later. I don’t feel like eating. – how about soup? Nope, no hot meals.
Jill: No hot meals… only cold ones. So I’ll icepack this later. so okay, another update later after 3 hours. So Paps, it’s about 6 hours after my wisdom tooth operation. I am ready to go to bed. I already ate. I already took my painkillers. and I also took my antibiotics. So, I think I am little bit feverish… but the dentist said it’s normal and expected. It’s still numb with a little dull pain. Hopefully, when wake up tomorrow, it is much better. So that’s all. Okay Good morning… ahm.. just an update… Okay Paps, good morning. Just an update. surprisingly, i had a good sleep…. felt no pain at all. but right now, it feels like a sore throat in the stitched area. Here… but it’s all good as long as I follow through with the antibiotics. I think I no longer need pain relievers. okay… antibiotics to prevent infection… It’s a bit harder to swallow because of the stitches But all in all, it’s okay. I can feel that I am already on the road to recovery. I think I can do my daily activities without a problem… so… thank you (for watching) If ever this kind of thing also happens to you, don’t worry about the wisdom tooth
operation it’s going to be okay. post-operation is also not problematic. So again, thank you for watching. Until next time, bye!

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