Y-Brush – Your Best Tooth Brushing Experience Yet – [FULL VIDEO]

Normally I’d be stressed with only two minutes to leave for work. Especially if I haven’t brushed my teeth. But I’m not ! That’s because I use Y-Brush. Developed with dentist, Y-Brush is designed to give a better clean, while saving time. Instead of Brushing your teeth individually, like a regular toothbrush, the flexible and comfortable mouthpiece can clean your teeth simultaneously. And in 10 seconds only, 5 seconds for the top of your mouth and 5 for the bottom. Our mouthpiece is lined with fine nylon bristles, these provide the best clean possible and remain today’s best choice. The handle activates the bristles with sonic vibrations, replicating the bass method, recommended by dentists. Made with antibacterial food grade material, the mouthpiece is easy to clean, just rinse with water after use ! When you’re finished, the Y-Brush charging station stores your mouthpiece, and wirelessly recharges the handle. Want to take a break and spend more time outdoors ? No worries ! Y-Brush can go with you anywhere, and stay charged for up to a month. You can even share the handle with the whole family. Fun, right ? Kevin, time to brush your teeth ! Oh, I better get going ! Bye

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