Your Night in the Sleep Laboratory

[MUSIC] Sleep studies. Your night in
the sleep laboratory. A sleep study, also called a polysomnogram, is
an overnight study of your sleep which takes place in
a specialized laboratory. It is conducted by
a trained technologist, and is designed to detect
problems with your sleep. The goal of the study is to
have a natural night of sleep that is as uncomplicated and
comfortable as possible. You may wish to bring along your
own pajamas, robe, slippers, and personal hygiene items. Some people like to
bring their own pillow. In addition, you might think of
packing a snack if you are used to having one before bedtime. When you come to the laboratory,
a technologist will greet you and show you the location of
the bedroom, bathroom, and control room. The technologist will stay
through the night to ensure safety and proper procedures. High quality tracings
will be obtained. There’s a TV camera in the room
to monitor your sleep, as well as an intercom to communicate
with the technologist. It is standard practice to
video tape sleep studies in case any unusual activity
occurs during testing. When it is time, you will change
into your night clothes and the sleep study technologist
will hook up many electrodes. This does not cause pain. The electrodes are metal and shaped like a tiny cup about
a quarter inch in diameter. They attach to wires
which go to amplifier so that electrical signals
can be recorded. Because the position of the
electrode is quite important, the technologist will
measure your head and mark it for placement. The scalp will be cleaned
thoroughly in order to get a signal. The electrodes will then be
attached with either glue or paste. The technologist may scratch
the scalp gently to improve the electrical connection. All together, about seven electrodes will
be applied to the scalp. Electrodes will also be
applied around the eyes to detect eye movement. Recording eye movements help the
technologist to determine which stage of sleep you are in. Electrodes are also placed on
the chin in order to monitor muscle tone. Next, a snoring sensor,
which is a tiny microphone, will be placed on the neck. Sensors will be taped
near the nose and mouth to detect airflow
when you are breathing. Belts will be placed
around your chest and abdomen to detect the movement
associated with breathing. A sensor that shines a bright
red light will be placed on your finger. This sensor monitors the amount
of oxygen in your blood. EKG sensors will be placed
on your chest to monitor your heart rate. Finally, some electrodes will be
attached to the muscles on your legs and sometimes your arms,
to monitor muscle tone. You may wonder if you will be able to sleep with
all these wires attached. Most people sleep quite well. You can be easily unhooked
whenever you want to move around and go to the bathroom. You should be able
to sleep in any position that is comfortable for
you. There are occasions when the
electrodes may become loose and the technologist will have
to come in and reapply them. Just before turning the lights
out, the technologist will have you go through a series of
tasks including moving and shutting your eyes. Clenching your teeth and so on. This is so the technologist can
be sure that she is picking up all the appropriate signals. If the reason for doing the
sleep study is to determine if a person has obstructive
sleep apnea. And sleep apnea occurs in
the first half of the nigh the technologists may start
treatment with continuous positive airway pressure,
or CPAP. CPAP involves wearing
a mask over the nose. The technologist will
adjust the pressure so that the airway stays open. It may take a little
getting used to, but it should not be uncomfortable. After the study is complete,
you will be awakened and the electrodes will be removed. This takes about ten minutes. There may be some glue or paste
in your hair which will need to be washed out the next
time you shower. The work is not over for the technologists, the record
needs to be analyzed and scored. This is usually
done several days after the test is completed. After the record is scored,
a report will be generated and your healthcare provider
will review it in detail. In most cases, a follow
up visit is indicated to discuss the results of
the test procedures and to generate a treatment plan. Things to remember. Do not be concerned about
having a sleep study. Most people sleep quite well and are comfortable
throughout the night. Bring comfortable items from
home, such as your own pajamas, robe, slippers and
personal hygiene items. What we have learned. A sleep study is used to
detect problems during sleep. True of false? The answer is true. Electrodes are placed on
your body to take various measurements during sleep. True of false? The answer is true. You will probably have trouble
sleeping during a sleep study. True or false? The answer is false.

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  • Can a pregnant woman do this study?

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  • thanks for the info

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  • "The setup won't be uncomfortable.. There will all together be 7 mental cups strapped to your face, scalp, jaw, neck, hands, back and head. Doctors will be coming in repeatedly throughout the night to arrange the multiple wires and switch your position" yea, doesn't sound uncomfortable AT ALL

  • I can't imagine how someone could ever fall asleep with all that stuff taped to their head

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  • Yeah, I need another sleep study as it is time. I need it in order to get a new machine, and a new mask.

  • I went there when i was a kid. The only thing i hated was sleeping on my back.. I always sleep on my side or stomach. But i couldn't cause the wires😴

  • I did have to block some people on this for talking nonsense. Sleep studies is a a study when a doctor receives word from a patient about improper sleep. Most of them do occur when you get into your 50s. Somehow when you see all those cables they hook up to you, that it looks though the cables of an old Moog synthesizer. What goes on in the room is once they hook the cables up to you, they are wired into a board which is similar to a MIDI board and it transmits all the information from your body to a computer. I had a sleep study done and I really had 3 of them. One which was about 10 years ago, another one later on and one just this past Friday.

  • Can i bring company? Lol I cant sleep in a room with people i dont know. That would make me uncomfortable.

  • All in all, how long is the test?a whole night?so I'd report in at evening and be released after like 6 am? Curious I need this done but have dogs so I'll need someone to watch them. Just needed to let them know approx times they need to be at my house. Thanks

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  • Thank you! Wish I had seen this before my sleep lab study. I had no idea waht to expect .. especially the paste in myhair. There was a lot. They said they have showers but no soap or shampoo or towels because over the years people have stolen them. If I had known to bring mine instead of going home at 5:30 with all that paste in my hair which was impossible to brush through and all matted up and homeless looking lol

  • I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep. I can’t sleep on my side or back to save my life. I am stomach 100% of the night.

  • The lady talking is a robot and she is sleep walking while making this Video

  • My PCP and wife argued with me to get a sleep study because of sleep apnea. Didn't get it and don't regret it. I did go to the sleep lab but walked out. The thought of being hooked up was bothersome. Being touched by strangers was bothersome. And honestly, if I have sleep apnea it's probably saving me from doing more than I already do during the course of a day. Wake up 5ish every morning and get to bed around midnight every night. And never once fell asleep during the day though from time to time I do get tired. But my wife swears I stop breathing at night sometimes.

  • If most people sleep quite well, you are testing the wrong people.

  • FYI sleep centers are not hospitals they may be located within the hospitals. But they are run separately. The only person coming into the room is the technologist to either fix wires that came off, assist pt to unhook to go to bathroom, or putting cpap on. We have all types of pt come through our center. I have worked with a lot of Veterans who have severe sleep issues that's associated with PTSD….they can't wait to get the help…so for those who think this is funny, or want to be ignorant about doing a sleep study that is your choice. You have truck drivers out here falling asleep at the wheel killing people, people driving through their neighborhoods and falling asleep hitting mailboxes etc, factory workers losing fingers because they fell asleep working on machines. You choose whether you want to do your study or not but don't take peoples life with you. Just saying.

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  • I had these once a year as was a Class A semi driver. Finally getting one as a retired oldster. They are not a big deal and the information sure helps. Good vid!

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